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  1. JoseLind13

    Louisville vs Pitt Prediction, Game Preview

    Western KY put up 21... I hope the offense is 3+ points better, but I've been a Pitt fan too long to use logic.
  2. JoseLind13

    Louisville vs Pitt Prediction, Game Preview

    Differing fan perspectives are interesting in this one... We worry about our offensive holes and speaking with a diehard UL fan and alum, his biggest worry is how bad he perceives their defense against ANY offense and whether their strong offense can score enough on our D to keep pace. I'll...
  3. JoseLind13

    Jurkovec big time

    Aren't we overdue for a Robert Foster thread?
  4. JoseLind13

    Anyone know anything about what's going on at "The O" site?

    Miami Subs’ sneaky cheap burgers were an awesome find in my college days. Loved them.
  5. JoseLind13

    Fan cutouts are here

    Not going to lie... he was on my list... I don’t need a giant picture of myself mailed to me when season is over, so I will probably go with something that can be repurposed for the man cave at season’s end.
  6. JoseLind13

    How is Baldonado doing?

    They generally don’t cart guys to the locker room because of nut shots.
  7. JoseLind13

    Barden starting?

    He wasn’t even Listed on the 2-deep released earlier this week.
  8. JoseLind13

    Barden starting?

  9. JoseLind13

    Final Season Prediction Thread

    Is everyone just ignoring that the original post has GT’s only win of the year being against Pitt? well, actually, that would be a very Pitt-like loss in an otherwise successful season.
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    How to Watch the ACCN

    I have Armstrong internet b/c it's the only good option available in my neighborhood; no other competition in my market, but have been with DIRECTV for past 6 years for TV. In my experience bundled rates for Armstrong stink and my cost for their cable + internet was not cheaper than internet...
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    What is Pittsburgh?
  12. JoseLind13

    Vintage Pitt T-shirt Help

    I have the Starter windbreaker with that logo embroidered on both arms, if you really want go authentic old school 90's
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    New Pat Signal 8/10

    2021 class
  14. JoseLind13

    Players are questioning the rationale for playing in 2020

    So... since scholarships are not guaranteed for the duration of your entire career by colleges and are renewed year-to-year.... If you accept a new job with an employer that could use your services for 4-5 years, but doesn’t guarantee the pay for more than one year at a time, and you decide to...
  15. JoseLind13

    New Pat Signal

    Yes. 247 lists him as hard commit to Pitt on 6/30. His own Twitter also has his commitment pinned.
  16. JoseLind13


    I preordered masks on June 15 with estimated shipment, at that time, of early to mid-July. Nothing received as of July 22 and now projecting mid August arrival. I have plenty of other masks and purchased primarily because proceeds were going to COVID research, so I’m not at all upset and I’m...
  17. JoseLind13

    Canada: Yeah to NHL, Nay to MLB

    With no home fans anyway, playing home games across the border at their AAA stadium in Buffalo instead of their Spring Training facilities in Florida would probably be the better logistical option and gets them out of the Florida hotbed (both in terms of temperature and COVID)
  18. JoseLind13

    OT: Home Buying Advice

    7 years of payments is generated equity in the investment, not a reduction to the net return. You are effectively paying taxes and interest on behalf the owner in your rental rates, without the deduction benefit, so it's not like anyone is magically avoiding those costs by renting; they are...
  19. JoseLind13

    OT: Home Buying Advice

    If refinancing now you probably bought 5+ years ago went from 4%+ to 2.85% in switching from 30 year to 15 year, so it seems the former rate is the opportunity cost comparison baseline. Most homes are secure appreciating investments and should be handled as integral to retirement planning and...
  20. JoseLind13

    OT: Home Buying Advice

    My view and experience is contrary to most comments here, but the school district thing depends completely on your life situation for the years you intend to stay in the house. The notion that you won’t make money on the investment isn’t true for many neighborhoods in less desirable districts...