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    How stupid is this?

    It could be a Covid related situation. I know a friend of mine’s daughter had several of her courses moved to online this fall due to the professor being high risk. I also know some courses have a reputation as being much easier online so some student opt to do a mixture. I think you will find...
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    New transfer, eligible immediately

    To be fair he been suspended for more games then he has played in. The kid is trouble. He was suspended after three games and got arrested while suspended and never returned. He was involved in a BB gun shooting earlier in his career.
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    Matt Hayes is 100% Spot on...

    I disagree if they subcontract distribution to Chick Fil A Drive thru they would have all 100 million doses along with a delicious chicken sandwich in 9 days...8 if they opened on Sunday.
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    It's official. Big 10 done for 2020.

    You can't bet if there is a large outbreak with won't be hard to persuade enough jurors that there is a greater than 50% chance that defendant caused the harm alleged in the lawsuit. Remember the bar is much lower in civil courts then it is for criminal courts.
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    It's official. Big 10 done for 2020.

    The problem is that god forbid it happens every ambulance chasing lawyer will be after the conference. They will point directly at the Big Ten and Pac 12 as look at how they protected their athletes. Then say the greed of the conference put them all at risk. They won't have to look far for...
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    It's official. Big 10 done for 2020.

    And baseball is an example of how it not working. Just in the ACC you probably have to put close to 2,500 people in this bubble. all the while trying to keep up the image that the kids are students. If it not just about money how do you keep the players in the bubble while still continuing...
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    Why isn’t CFB more popular in the northeast?

    Paterno was right...but he was too greedy. He was only looking out for Penn State. I don't blame the other schools for not caving in to his demands. He wanted the basketball revenue shared but keep all the football money. I do think northeast football would be stronger if they had formed all...
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    All 22 players take a knee

    You are so full of it. You are telling me none of those people ever said they were against desegregation? So are you going to try and tell me that the entire civil rights movement in the 59s and 60s was useless because there were no racist people?
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    No specifically one player said he told him to cut his hair so he doesn't look like a thug.
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    It not the word it the context of how you use it. I don't know why it hard for people to understand it. For example if you say a traditional African american hair style such a dreadlocks makes you look like a thug then it is racist. It is stereotyping a person based on a style of hair then it...
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    PITT Football at Highmark Stadium for 2020

    Why in the world would Pitt do this? Why would they rent a stadium that doesn't have the infrastructure to hold games? Highmark field doesn't have locker rooms to fit 100+ roster, television production facilities, TV platforms, medical facilities, media area ect that Heinz field has.
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    OT: The horrific Johnstown Flood of 1889

    It has been said that Carnegie always felt guilt over his role in the flood which lead to much of his philanthropy
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    Florida Tech drops football

    They can’t because NCAA rules prohibit it. The NCAA requires a minimum amount of scholarships and sports to be sponsored at the d1 level. In addition Title IX would essentially prohibit dropping any women sports to non scholarship level.
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    OT: Mother's Day Etiquette

    I think she went a little far with it. Wishing everyone a happy Mother’s Day is one thing. Including a prayer is over the top and not necessary.
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    Love the PN tweet

    Seriously? How many punks does Pitt have on their team then? How many out of area recruits does Pitt sign and not tweet thanking the closest college to their home town? For example is Myles Alton a punk for not thanking ODU or VT? Just because Pitt is the closest school doesn’t mean he owes...
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    1 positive if programs cut back

    Let be honest. Even if they cut scholarships by 20 there is very little in true savings. Most of it would be on paper because for most schools it becomes a wash. For example the athletic department budget is supplemented by the university. So if they cut 20 scholarships the athletic...
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    1 positive if programs cut back

    They should eliminate scholarship limits period. Just go to per year hard new scholarship limit. I say let schools add 20 scholarship players per year. If all 20 stay 5 years then you have 100 guys on scholarship. It eliminates running off guys because there is no need to open spots. It...
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    1 positive if programs cut back

    They don't. They still have rosters with 100+ kids.
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    What's up with the Coronavirus numbers???

    They are counting deaths as probable cases if they have a valid reason to suspect them. Right now resources are still limited. They would rather get best guesses then wait for results. They may get reclassified later. Common sense says influenza death are down because social distancing and...
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    What's up with the Coronavirus numbers???

    Using that logic then according to you no one in the history of the world has died from aids/hiv. People die from aids due to illnesses like pneumonia that otherwise if they were healthy would have otherwise never gotten or been able to fight off. The same is happening with the corona virus...