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    Pitt -3.5

    For the bazillionth time. Get rid of cable. You wont miss anything if you stream. Actually, you end up getting more things you want to watch, then paying for a ton of stuff you don't.
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    Louisville looks pretty good

    If the receivers catch passes they should catch, and the kicker makes field goals he should make, Pitt has a good shot to win.
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    Pitt - ranked 25th in the AP

    What I was really happy to see on Saturday was we finally blew out a team we should have blown out. Too many times we come out for these games in the last 30 years and still look bad. We may win, but normally around the betting line or below. Lots of mistakes and miss opportunities, etc...
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    Final Season Prediction Thread

    Optimistic 9-2. I am still a little concerned with the O, but I think the Defense will help us win the games we should.
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    What tv stations will show the Pitt game?

    People, cut cable already. I have a digital antenna for local and subscribe to HULU or SLING and get the upgraded sports channels. Including the Acc. And save money in the process.
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    Gov wolf recommends no sports til Jan

    I am really tired of all of this. If republicans support one thing, the democrats oppose it. And vice versa. Neither side is doing the general public any good. Meanwhile, the general public isn't any better. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Name calling doesn't solve anything...
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    Mike Ditka 'If you can't respect our national anthem, get the hell out of our country

    I think some of what I feel has already been said. You have a right to protest. You have a right to believe what you want to believe. I get upset when the people who are protesting call other people bad names when they don't believe with them. People seem to forget it is a 2 way street...
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    A misunderstanding of covid?

    Again, I know this isn't the board for this. And I am trying to be a smarta$$, but OK, so you gave me what you would do. My question was, what would Biden "HAVE" done. I haven't heard him say anything. And the Government is in a huge deficit. Giving out free money to that degree will...
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    A misunderstanding of covid?

    This is so very true. What I would like to ask in a non partisan kind of way..... What do people think Biden would have done differently that would have protected the population, kept the economy afloat and didn't further bankrupt the country? Answer: No one knows because the other side...
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    My biggest problem with Pickett is his inability to see his open receivers, or waiting too long to get them the ball. I think his arm is fine.
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    Florida and Georgia continue to see decline in covid cases

    Well stated. Though your thoughts undermine a perfectly good conspiracy rant :(
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    Florida and Georgia continue to see decline in covid cases

    Yes, that is it. Thanks!
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    Florida and Georgia continue to see decline in covid cases

    Any report is inaccurate. If want a lot of what "experts" say is true that most cases show minor or no symptoms, then how the hell can you tell how many people have it. So many people have not been tested. Hell, both me and my wife were under the weather two months ago. Maybe we had it...
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    Best Italian restaurant in the Pittsburgh area

    Didn't read through 4 pages, but very curious about what people say for north (North Hills, Gibsonia, Wexford etc..) Only place I got is Olives and Peppers.
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    What is the Best Mexican Restaurant in the Pittsburgh Area?

    I have been to Old Town in San Diego. Wonderful Mexican food. Around here, not so much.
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    Malik Newton

    Looks like they need to pay him whatever he wants if they want to keep him.
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    Getting Pitt Back into the Top 10

    A play maker at QB. Also, OL depth so we don't have a big drop off when we lose a couple of seniors. I like how our D has been going.
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    AD's want playoffs expanded

    I know it wont change, but would love to them to scrap the rankings. Win your P5 conference Championship game and your in. However, then you have to do more than just 6 or 8 teams. You have to do them all. OK, maybe you need some rankings for seedings...and give byes to make the numbers...
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    Pitt Gets 5 Star Commit

    I heard he was a composite 4 Congrats!