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  1. Saboteur

    Bring on the fans at Heinz Field

    This governor is out anyway, so Pitt can look good to the legislature. Pitt should flex it's muscles and have UPMC handle the logistics and get this done.
  2. Saboteur

    Gayle Sayers

    Simply by RB stats, his injury ending career doesn't match his ability. The game then was much much different. Teams lined up to stop the run.... Few RBs were receiver threats out of the backfield... Kickoffs didn't travel 8 yards deep and punters thought "hang time" applied to how long their...
  3. Saboteur

    Raiders Saints camera injury

    Is Brian Kelley in charge of sideline protocol at this game? That camera hoist is too damn close to the field and 24 and 20 are lucky they aren't dead.
  4. Saboteur

    Saquan Barkley

    I hope he recovers quickly.
  5. Saboteur

    Syracuse not calling TO

    And when Boeheim retires and it's hoops team drops off Syracuse Lacrosse will be it's only ray of sunshine.
  6. Saboteur

    Forge the Future Uniforms

    Thank you. The video is similar to watching a black cat move thru the night.
  7. Saboteur

    A Few Observations

    Whipple insists on going sideways with wide outs and lousy swing passes (as opposed to jet patterns). Syracuse needed only to defend within 7 yards of the line of scrimmage.
  8. Saboteur

    A couple of thoughts from out west

    The defense rose to the challenge, but make no mistake Syracuse has a terrible offense. The Syracuse D is good, but those guys are going to break down sooner or later because they can't rely on their offense to stay on the field. Once again we were our own worst enemy.
  9. Saboteur

    Pitt vs SU Gamethread

    Syracuse will end the game with 3 timeouts in their pockets. Senseless.
  10. Saboteur

    Someone tell Whipple that the sideways stuff

    I think the TD down the middle was beautiful.
  11. Saboteur

    Pitt vs SU Gamethread

    Obviously the field goal unit is horrendous.
  12. Saboteur

    Pitt vs SU Gamethread

    North and south and extend the defense. Syracuse is only defending 10 yards past the line if scrimmage!
  13. Saboteur

    Pitt vs SU Gamethread

    No more field goal attempts.
  14. Saboteur

    Someone tell Whipple that the sideways stuff

    This team is still asleep.
  15. Saboteur

    Someone tell Whipple that the sideways stuff

    It ain't working. Go straight at this team.. The points are scored horizontally.
  16. Saboteur

    Pitt - Cuse Predictions

    24-21 Pitt in OT
  17. Saboteur

    Anyone know anything about what's going on at "The O" site?

    I want slaw on that menu damnit.
  18. Saboteur


    Shake a tree in Pittsburgh and a study falls out. Town of very It's been my experience that when dealing with people born and raised in Pittsburgh that virtually every mention if success is met with a retort along the lines of "did you see where (insert noun here) almost blew it, should have...
  19. Saboteur


    Pittsburgh is notorious for embracing the dark lining to the silver cloud. Billy Conn would be forgotten if he hadn't "almost" beat Joe Louis. It's a place that is afraid to succeed but relishes being close. I hate that mentality.