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  1. Panther Holla

    Pitt vs Ville Gamethread

    Gray unis are looking pretty sweet right now.
  2. Panther Holla


    Pirates and Nutting are going nowhere. Literally and figuratively. Nutting owns a cash cow with a long lease. He has zero incentive to change how he operates since he is subsidized by MLB via the luxury tax rebate he receives by being a team player who doesn't rock the boat.... Nutting is at the...
  3. Panther Holla

    New website, color scheme, university logo

    Could have been worse. Helvetica.
  4. Panther Holla

    New website, color scheme, university logo

    I like the new crest. Pitt has a unique look with the Billy Pitt checkers and the fortress. Much better than a garden variety book/quill/laurels/Latin cookie cutter..... This debate reminds me of when Carnegie Mellon dropped the hyphen between the names and the thistle crest was replaced by a...
  5. Panther Holla

    Louisville looks pretty good

    I imagine a too-familiar script. Pitt marches down the field to score. 7-0. Louisville immediately counterstrikes, then scores after a Pitt turnover to take the lead and extend it before halftime. By the time the Panthers find their footing, it's Ketchup football. Louisville wins, 34-21.
  6. Panther Holla

    Pitt - Cuse Predictions

    13-6 Pittsburgh
  7. Panther Holla

    Fan cutouts are here

    Wanny grimacing, Wanny running hand through hair, Wanny chewing out refs, happy Wanny.... or all in a row?
  8. Panther Holla

    Fan cutouts are here

    Gene Kelly and Dr. Salk! Gene could hang off the goal post....
  9. Panther Holla

    Fan cutouts are here

    Pitt should put together an interactive "paintball" range with the visages of Chancellor John Bowman, Ed Bozik, Paul Hackett, Pedey, Todd Graham, Oval Jaynes, the guy who hired Stallings, Ralph Willard and other infamous Pitt athletics figures in a grid. Charge $5 a pop for 5 shots of the...
  10. Panther Holla

    Fan cutouts are here

    I don't blame the governor at all. Much as I dislike missing the games, I'd prefer everyone stays healthy through this. COVID-19 hasn't shown us its whole playbook, I fear.
  11. Panther Holla

    Fan cutouts are here

    In principle I have no problem with selling cutouts. Capitalism, 'n'at. And I can understand Pitt alums opening the wallet for Dear Old U-N-I.... and the same for fans suffering from Separation Anxiety who want to kinda sorta Beeeee There in the hallowed Pickle Palace. But for me this is an...
  12. Panther Holla

    Fan cutouts are here

    An ingenious attempt to recoup refunded ticket money.... Will they string them together for the Sweet Caroline sway? Conga line walk out the stadium?
  13. Panther Holla

    State of Nebraska Goes after the Big 10

    Most likely we WOULD be pissed.... but it would save us from another 3-loss-minimum Pitt season.
  14. Panther Holla

    The line for our PANTHERS vs Austin Peay...

    Youngstown State and a few others agree with you.
  15. Panther Holla

    The line for our PANTHERS vs Austin Peay...

    Pitt might be fortunate to avoid the game at Marshall. Watching the Herd's opener, I couldn't help think of all the times a similar winnable road game against a decent opponent turned into disaster.
  16. Panther Holla

    R.I.P. Lou Brock

    Brock and Bob Gibson together ended the Red Sox' impossible dream season in the 1867 World Series. At Busch Stadium the organist played the theme from Shaft whenever Brock came to bat.
  17. Panther Holla

    Best non-Pitt game ever

    Carnegie Mellon 24, Dayton 21, Final, Overtime. 1978 NCAA Division III first round at Tech Field. Dayton had dropped two classes but had a roster loaded with D-I players. They were heavy favorites, the #2 seed vs. the Tartans at #7. Dayton elected to play on the road so they'd get a home game in...
  18. Panther Holla

    Would you pay $$$ for a fan cutout to be placed in your heinz seat

    F*** no. Only a damn fool would throw away money like that. My spirit self will be there. Like the Spirit of Pitt Stadium.
  19. Panther Holla

    Narduzzi grouses about no ranking for 2020; Cincinnati on the move: Is Fickell better than Narduzzi?

    Pitt suffered 4 come-from-ahead defeats out of 5 losses. Pitt damn near blew as many victories with dumb ass play and critical mistakes. That was an agonizing 8-5 season to watch. Could have been 12-1 or 2-10. And Narduzzi wonders Why No Respect? If you're gonna strut like a gamecock, you better...
  20. Panther Holla

    I was a child of the 50’s and 60’s. What was your favorite snack?

    Popcorn popped in a cast iron pot over the stove.