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    Pitt vs Ville Gamethread

    Yeah, pretty sick of this.
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    Pitt vs Ville Gamethread

    Started the arm motion, went forward, it’s obvious
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    Pitt vs Ville Gamethread

    This is the most clear forward pass I seen. No way it’s not overturned
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    Love the uniforms. I agree with another small shock of yellow would look cool
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    Pitt vs Ville Gamethread

    God I’ve given up even guessing on this. After the Ford hit last year I have no idea. Of course compared to that hit, this one is automatic ejection, butthey didn’t even look at it
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    Pitt vs Ville Gamethread

    Ummm.... wow. what a start
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    Injury Update for Pitt-Ville Game

    They have a second string receiver out
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    Alt uniform helmet auction

    I love the helmet, but yeahhhhh 1000 bucks? Geesh
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    we fed the Rays
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    rangers are 19-37
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    OT: Rolling Stone Remakes its Top 500

    ehhh.... I disagree. That’s what grunge is a hybrid of punk and rock.
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    Rashad Weaver - Walter Camp player of the week

    it is great we have depth too and he can ease into the workload
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    Paris Ford and Defense Love

    Good article
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    Louisville vs Pitt Prediction, Game Preview

    I’ll say Louisville 31-30, miss xp by us
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    OT: Rolling Stone Remakes its Top 500

    people act like Nevermind started grunge. Certainly not true, great album, sure, but it was released after 10, and Both were released far after other grunge bands.
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    OT: Rolling Stone Remakes its Top 500

    List is the same as always, whatever social issues are out makes the album suddenly better. Weeks on the chart, adjusted sales, all that kinda should be used. I think if you asked your random person for a top 25, it wouldn’t even be close to this. Plus really you can’t judge the last 10...
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    Pitt #21 in new AP Poll

    ULL shouldn’t even be in the top 25 anymore
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    Pitt #21 in new AP Poll

    they all have no games played
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    Pitt -3.5

    I haven’t lived in Pittsburgh since I graduated and never missed a Pitt game other than that YSU that we lost years back. You can stream every game somewhere and for free usually