Does any one see the irony in the following things...

Dec 8, 2010
- Mike Tomlin has said that Kenny Pickett needs to prove that he can play with the "1's", but never gave him the opportunity to do so over the three pre-season games the Steelers had?
- ATP Super Star, Novak Djokovic, the best male tennis player on the ATP Tour, will not be able to participate in this years U.S. Open because of Covid travel rules for those who are unvaccinated entering into the United States. Meanwhile, the same rules are non-existent to those who are entering illegally across our southern boarder. Perhaps Djokovic should take a plane to Mexico and then walk across the border into Texas. given a free phone and then take a bus to New York and then enter into the tennis event.
- The NFL and the NFLPA entered into an agreement to have an "independent Judge" handle all disciplinary issues within the league. Then when an issue isn't revolved in the NFL's favor (the DeShawn Watson situation), the NFL then fights that judges decision and takes it to another "judge' who will rule in their favor. Why even have the process?
- Contacted the Pitt ticket office today and inquired about buying season tickets for the remaining hoe schedule and was told that "season tickets for Pitt football are sold out". Then I asked will they be selling tickets for single games and they person said, "absolutely". I understand what they are doing but to tell people that season tickets are sold out is just wrong.
- What is the point for players like Kyler Murray, Travis Kelce, Pat Mahomes and players of the like to dress up in their uniform to just stand on the sideline when they know they are not going to play?
- Lastly, when the Steelers lose their first game of thee year against the Bengals, Tomlin will say the "offense" needs to work it's timing and that the players are rusty early in the year. Isn't that what the pre-season games are for?

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