Fun With Numbers

Oct 25, 2021
Since Mario Cristobal took over at Miami, he has twice as many ACC wins at Pat Narduzzi.

Since Mike Elko took over at Duke, he has twice as many ACC wins as Pat Narduzzi.

Since Brent Key took over at Georgia Tech, he has twice as many ACC wins at Pat Narduzzi.

Brent Pry at Virginia Tech, and Tony Elliot at Virginia... both tied with Pat Narduzzi in ACC wins since they took over.

And, last but not least, since Mack Brown took over at UNC, he has more ACC wins (18) than Pat Narduzzi has (17).

That's it; that's the entire Coastal.

That "third best record in the ACC since he took over" stat that people like to cite for Narduzzi was always silly and flawed, because most other teams went through a tumultuous coaching change/period of turnover during that time. Also, many coaches inherit a situation where the guy before him was fired for underperforming, whereas Narduzzi inherited a decent (not great, but decent) situation where the 2014 team was a missed 30ish yard field goal against Duke and epic 4th quarter collapse against Houston away from being 8-5.

So, yeah... you can most definitely play with stats to paint a lot of things to look how you want them to.