OT: disturbing Tennessee Chick-Fil-A video

Mar 3, 2022
Except Souf didn’t say what the chef might do. He said that’s what the chef should do. This is a pharmacy “professional” saying this.

Note to self: never piss off the employees at Walgreens, because if you do the pharmacist is within his rights to screw with your meds.
He isn’t any “pharmacist”, for heavens sake. His posts are borderline retarded. He’s a government entitlement junkie craving free sh1t.


Dec 21, 2021
No, it's ridiculous. You're advocating people spit in your food if it's sent back. Scumbags spit in your food.

No self respecting chef is going to spit in your food. I know you might find that hard to believe, unless you think all cooks are scumbags. He's going to try and find out how your $50 steak was sent out several temps off.
Or to watch you eat the steak that was dropped on the floor