P5 vs. P5 offensive week 1 points


Jun 19, 2018
We all have the fear of God put into us because Tenn put up 59 against Ball State and the fear of getting into a shootout. Let’s take a closer look at how Pitt fared vs. other P5 teams who also faced a P5 defense:

49 Georgia
35 PSU
31 WVU, Arkansas, Cuse, NW, Purdue
29 Florida
28 Nebraska
26 Utah
24 Cincy, FSU
23 LSU, Indiana
22 Rutgers
21 BC
21 Ohio State
20 Illinois
13 Colorado
10 Notre Dame
7 Lville
3 Oregon

Underperforming top 25 vs G5
Wisconsin 38
Kentucky 37
Houston 37
MSU 35 vs WMU
Texas A&M 31
Ole Miss 28
NC State 21

Pitt did have 7 off of a pick, so technically 31 due to offense, but I’m not going to go through all of P5. We could also subtract 7 from WVU to the blocked punt, but point is, the offense while not glorious, did a nice job in an opening game against a P5 long-term rival. Oregon could probably put 60 up on Ball State as well, but things change against P5. Pitt will be in a better spot because of the WVU game than if they had put up huge numbers against Kent State.

Pitt only put up 38 against P5 5 times last year (GT, Duke, Virginia, Wake, and Tenn). WVU defense this year is prolly better than GT, Duke, and Virginia last year. I like Pitt’s chances to score next week.
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