Rough day for the Big Ten


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Apr 2, 2004
That’s the recruiting rankings from the past 5 yrs. They are (in theory) on the roster this year.
Did Rivals give st penn a 5 star for the most cover ups in NCAA history? Congrats 👏
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Aug 28, 2010
Over the past 5 seasons the ckass ranking was 12,11,7,19,21.
I get the portals in play. I get recruits don’t work out etc. but they are a solid team. Not saying they are elite but they have talent.
Auburn absolutely has talent. But, so did FSU in going 5-7 or worse multiple seasons recently and losing to a FBS team. Heck, Pitt won at FSU 41-17 just a few years ago. Texas had talent last season too... But, 5-7 with a loss to KU and not the improved KU we're seeing so far this season.

Your squad blew them out which was good. But, definitely think they're headed for a major coaching shake up. I figure they'll be something like 5-7 this year again unless they figure it out on offense. Seem to be struggling very much on their side of the ball.

Not that he's great but Bo Nix even seems much better than whatever they're doing at QB this season.
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