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Oct 30, 2001
SI article on the ACC and Pac 12. Lucky for the ACC, the Pac 12 is even worse, losing the Pac 12/SWAC Challenge 4-2. The Pac 12 has lost 16 games to teams outside the P6, American, and Gonzaga). The ACC has lost 11. The Big Ten has lost one and that was to San Diego State.

Every year I say this might be the worst the ACC has ever been and I won't change from that this year because the league certainly looks worse than ever. And that's one reason I am predicting 8-12. Pitt will win some games by default.

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Mar 21, 2022
But Duke and North Carolina will most likely be in the elite 8 and possibly final 4 so what's that say


Jul 4, 2001
I think it can be argued that a key component in this discussion should be the fact that mid-majors are getting stronger due to the new transfer rules. Very good players who use to sit on the end of the benches of P5(6) teams can now transfer and play immediately. While it is also true that players who are exceeding their recruiting rankings are transferring up, I have a suspicion that the flow of talent is benefiting mid-majors more than it is P5(6) teams. The end result, IMO, is that we're going to see more P5(6) losses to mid-majors going forward. Regardless of conference.
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