Board of Trustee
Jun 18, 2001
You can't even settle in on what you don't like. Under center, pro set, bunch, big/heavy, what is it? All are present and successful above. The Virginia Tech game was a display in big personnel and bunch sets. Literally every big play came from it. Many more in other games.

You just continue to move the goalpost. Carry on with your nonsense.

I don't want to see the big/heavy and/or condensed sets on first and second down. Yes, there are games when doing that has worked, but I don't want to see the repeated attempts to make it work when spreading the WRs out and Slovis is playing well IS working.

We've head scratchers when they... just... kept... trying those big/condensed sets on first and second down, putting them offense consistently in 3rd and long. And Cignetti kept trying to make it work. That's what I recall went wrong in the GT game.