OT: Enormous Saturday for US Soccer


Board of Trustee
Oct 3, 2005
But they don't ignore the diver-they stop the game and call a foul on the opposing player, which is what annoys me about the men's games. I've played soccer for 30 years, and still can't just turn on a random game. I do enjoy watching the big tournaments like the world cup, I just can't get into watching random games-maybe because I don't have a rooting interest. I watched many of the women's world cup games, and found them to be exciting, though.
I watch enough now that I believe they do USUALLY ignore the diver and just play on, maybe 9 of 10 times. And USUALLY when they do give the diver a positive call, it leads to nothing. And your annoyed about them "stopping the game"? Do you watch American Football? Or baseball? Half the game is a stoppage in those sports! LOL!

Americans just overblow this issue. Actually a lot of the times I see dum asss Americans call it FAKE when a guy is running full speed and takes a hard fall, when to me it looks like it had to hurt. I can watch now because I've adopted a few teams that I can root for. Interestingly, not the EPL though. I watch UEFA, MLS and International and have a favorite team or 2 in each of those.