A couple of thoughts about Pittsburgh football teams after this past weekend...

Dec 8, 2010
For the Pitt Panthers...
- Why is it that Pitt always seems to waste a couple of its timeouts earlier then they should?
- After deciding to not use his remaining timeout near the end half when Tennessee had the ball with the clock running down and then deciding to not have a return man back to catch the Tennessee punt, why would you send your QB out onto to the field run an "offensive play"? I mean, if it was your intention all along to try and run an "offensive play" with just over 20+ seconds left, why not have a man back to return the punt?
- What was up the QB situation? I mean, your starter goes down and you bring in your backup. No problem there, BUT after your backup QB gets hurt and can barely walk on his injured leg, why not replace him with your #3 QB? Don't care if he's a freshman, walk on or whatever, he has to be better then your injured back up QB. If he is not, then he shouldn't be on your roster.
- If Pitt wants to be successful this year, it MUST open up its playbook and throw the ball more. Throwing the ball more will open up your running game. Trying to do it the conservative way will not work as well. I can tell you right now, Western Michigan, Rhode Island and other inferior teams want you to run the ball. They want you to slow the game down and take time off of the clock. It keeps them in the game longer and allows them the chance to pull the upset with a lucky break or two. Pitt NEEDS to put up 45-50+ points on the board each of the next two weeks.
For the Pittsburgh Steelers...
- If I'm the Steelers, I'm trading Mitch Trubisky ASAP. There really is no need to have 3 of the "same type" of QB's on your team right now. The difference, in my opinion, between the three QB's on their team is minimal. If I used a 1st round draft pick on a QB and he is just about the same (if not better) then the starter on my team, I'm giving the guy his chance to show me what he's got. This nonsense about Pickett not playing at all this year while he learns the NFL game is asinine. Kenny Pickett didn't play college football at some Ivy league school, he played 52 games of NCAA D-I football, he IS READY to start NOW.
- Matt Canada's offense will NOT work in the NFL. It worked at Pitt because it was new to most DC, but it is not new any more. The NFL DC's have figured it out and made their adjustments to stop it.
- Also, his offense is going to get his WR's killed out there. They run way to many plays parallel to the line of scrimmage either in preparation of getting a hand off on a run or receiving a pass. A WR running parallel to the line of scrimmage. looking backward for a ball thrown his way, is going to meet a LB or CB who is waiting for him to catch the ball, turn his head and then get lit up. WR's are not built for those types of plays. The average height and weight of an NFL WR is 6' 200lbs. The average NFL RB' height and weight are 5' 10" 215lbs. Completely different body builds. One is built for speed and quickness, the other is built to absorb and deliver hits.
- If something doesn't change within Steelers offensive system, they are looking very much like a 7-10 team this year. Disregard yesterday's result because that will never happen again for them.
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Mar 3, 2022
Amen to using the 3rd string QB over an obviously hobbled Patti. I truly appreciate that he has stuck it out for us and his toughness on Saturday. But, the nature of his injury took away the only real asset he has, his wheels. Once his mobility was eliminated, it also eliminated just about any kind of play he would excel at, PLUS negated the effectiveness of our running game as well, since TN didn’t have to respect the pass in the least. You have all of these guys of scholarship, get ‘em out there.
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