Annual Pitt-WVU game - and a venue thought

Chairman Moe

Nov 4, 2003
Just around the corner from Paradise
I posted this in a reply to atlkvb (the WVU fan who started the thread about "star ratings"), and it has me wondering if this could make sense? Seriously ...

My reply to him was: "As others have said, this rivalry game NEEDS to be played every year. And maybe I will go out on a limb here and say that the game needs to be played at Heinz Field (sorry, too early to call the stadium by its new name) every year. I haven't lived in the Pgh area for years, and the last time I went to Morgantown to see a Pitt/WVU game was decades ago. But from all accounts, I think that your fans/season ticket holders are among the worst in their "hospitality" toward visiting teams. As great as it was to have the Pitt fans show up last night, I would doubt that more than a 1,000 or so will show up in Morgantown next year, or in future games. If this WERE to be a permanent annual contest, and Heinz Field were the venue, the athletic programs from both schools could treat it as a "neutral" game, and both teams would be allotted the same number of tickets. WVU would easily send 35,000 fans as would Pitt."

So, what say you all? Does this game play as equally at Heinz Field/Acrisure Stadium every year, providing you have equal fan access, and maybe rotate the "home team", as it would if it rotated between here and Morgantown?

I don't want to get into the pi$$ing contest of who travels better. In a rival game such as this, and given the lopsided number of egregious past incidents (throwing batteries at fans and players/keying and vandalizing cars with PA tags, to name a couple), I'd really favor a more neutral field.

Now, the players and coaches might feel otherwise as it's just as or maybe more sweet to beat your rival opponent on their turf ...

Just some post-game ramblings ...